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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 Introduction to concept of wind energy. History and theory of wind energy. Betz law. Wind turbine types.
2 Fundamental concepts of wind energy and wind farms. Wind turbine parts and functionality. Relevant wind turbine types for offshore use today. Offshore area classification. Foundation type overview.
3 Offshore wind climate. Wind conditions in open ocean. Wind measurement. Wind classes. Wake effects. Turbulence.
4 Project development. Suitable area. Marine life. Shipping routes. Available grid connection. Tides, waves, currents. Feasibility. Grid connection. Cables.
5 Waves and currents.
6 Combined effects of waves and currents on offshore structures.
7 Estimation of wave and current loads at a location in sea.
8 Foundations: Monopile, Tripod, Jacket, Floating TLP, other floating types.
9 Loads, dynamics and structural design: Wind turbine loads.
10 Loads, dynamics and structural design: Foundation loads: Turbine loads, Wave loads, Current loads, Transition piece load effects on wind turbine design, Earthquakes.
11 Installation. Logistics, Cranes, machinery, Weather window. Safety/Education, Foundation preparation, Foundation installation, Turbine preparation, Turbine installation.
12 Wind farm control and operation. Supervisory and control systems. Grid connection. Data processing. Wind energy as part of national energy supply.
13 Wind farm maintenance and repair. Inspections, Maintenance, Repair, Logistics, Emergency and disaster plans.
14 General aspects of wind farms. Environmental impact (e.g. noise, also sub water level noise, marine life). Acceptance. Decommissioning. Future of offshore wind energy.
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