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TEK 451E - Textile Prod.Management &Cntrl

Course Objectives

1. It presents the basics of management, production planning and control strategies in textile production,
2. It gives an in-dept view of material requirement, capacity and inventory planning, facility layout and production systems, supply chain management and retail business in textile and apparel production
3. It also offers a comprehensive study on forecasting ,decision making, scheduling and project management in textile production

Course Description

Overview and organizational structure in textile industry. Production management, competitiveness, strategy and operational decision making. Product and service design, product life cycle. Forecasting methods in textile industry. Textile product development, cost estimation and optimization. Process planning and operation analysis, facility layout. Types of production systems: Push and pull production control systems, JIT, modular, unit. Material Management in textile and apparel production: MRP, MRPII,ERP. Capacity planning for textile production. Capacity planning for textile production. Inventory management in textile production. Job Measurement, Production scheduling, Project Management. Supply Chain Management. Merchandise Planning. Retail Business Fundamentals

Course Coordinator
Canan Sarıçam
Course Language
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