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MKM 506E - Modelling&Control of Mech.Sys.

Course Objectives

Mixed system integration; Sensor modelling: Basics concepts, modelling of severel types of sensors; Actuator modeling: Electrical actuators, Hydraulic and Pneumatic actuators; Modeling of signal and power transmission elements; Hybrid systems modeling: Events and states, Modeling with state-flow; Mechatronics system modeling: Block diagrams and state space, Object oriented modeling, virtual prototyping, Hardware in the loop simulation; Real-time monitoring and control.

Course Description

To teach how to design new systems composed of mechanical, electrical, electronic and computer systems,

To teach how to model complex systems,

To inform about vision prototyping,

To teach the approach to design mechatronic systems by the use of hardware-in-the-loop simulations.

Course Coordinator
Ali Fuat Ergenç
Course Language
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