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CBM 532E - Chem.Tre.of Ind.Was:Lab&Prac.

Course Objectives

1. To enable the student to identify the treatability oriented characteristics of different industrial wastewaters andto perform essential analyses relevant to wastewater pollutant parameters,
2. To advance the students’ abilities in applying chemical treatment technologies for industrial wastewater treatment.
3. To improve the students’ teamwork skills through group laboratory assignments and presentations.

Course Description

This laboratory-based course involves undertaking a series of experimental studies which will introduce the students to the principles of chemical treatment technologies for industrial wastewaters. With over 10 weeks of laboratory work, the students will gain an in-depth understanding of the practice and operational experience in chemical treatment technologies and the student will strengthen the theoretical background of these technologies.

Course Coordinator
İdil Arslan Alaton
Tuğba Ölmez Hancı
Course Language
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