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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 Weeks
1 Introduction, Laboratory Safety Rules
2 Treatability oriented characterization of industrial wastewaters, important environmental parameters for industrial wastewaters
3 Analytical techniques for industrial wastewater pollutant parameters (wet analysis, instrumental analysis)
4 Coagulation and flocculation applications
5 Fenton’s oxidation applications
6 Ozonation applications : Color removal
7 Ozonation applications: Organic matter removal
8 Electrocoagulation applications: Color removal
9 Electrocoagulation applications: Organic matter removal
10 Photochemical treatment applications: Color removal
11 Photochemical treatment applications: Organic matter removal
12 Photocatalytic treatment applications: Color removal
13 Photocatalytic treatment applications: Organic matter removal
14 Group presentations: Results of chemical treatment applications
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