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EUT 552E - Theoretical Studies in Design

Course Objectives

1. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the master’s program, to provide acquaintance students to design theories that they may need in their research areas by contributing to the theoretical background of the students that are coming from different disciplines,
2. To enable students to read the basic texts,
3. To be able to comprehend basic and contemporary texts comparatively and to ground the current discussions to these readings.

Course Description

Theory and Criticism in Design: A Chronological Overview; Definitions of Design; Industrialization, Postindustrialization and Design; Object, Product, Craft and Design; Modernity and its Criticism; Technology and Design; Art and Design; Issues of Identity; Daily Life Studies; Gender and its Criticism; Globalisation and its Effects; Consumer Culture; Sustainability and Design; Products, Services, Systems and Experiences

Course Coordinator
Şebnem Timur
Course Language
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