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ISS 509E - Marketing Management

Course Objectives

1. Develop an understanding of the basic concepts and issues in marketing, including the creation of value through the integrated production and distribution of goods and services and the global, political, economic, legal, and regulatory context for business;
2. Build a working marketing vocabulary such that you are better able to understand and discuss marketing concepts in business setting;
3. Develop an appreciation for the inherently strategic nature of contemporary marketing and for the role marketing plays in business strategy and performance;
4. Enhance your understanding of what marketing managers actually do on a day-to-day basis by taking on the role of marketing manager for an existing product/service;
5. Strengthen your ability to justify and support your decisions through information acquisition and management;
6. Extend your ability to write clearly, listen carefully, and report information in a professional and effective manner;
7. Learn how to effectively work with others with an understanding of individual and group dynamics in organizations;
8. Strengthen your appreciation for how marketing relates to complementary business functions (e.g., human resource management, accounting, production, etc…); and
9. Understand the ethical and social responsibilities of marketing management in organizations and society.

Course Description

This course covers concepts, activities, and techniques related to the planning and coordination of marketing functions, marketing policies, and the analysis of marketing administration

Course Coordinator
Elif Karaosmanoğlu
Fatma Hilal Ergen Keleş
Course Language
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