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MYE 5033E - Mixed Compo.for Instr.&Electr.

Course Objectives

1. To learn and practice common approaches to performer computer interaction through class workshops with performing musicians,
2. To develop an awareness of historical approaches to mixed composition through reading and listening assignments,
3. To learn programming skills required for musical event detection and score following through a series of programming assignments,
4. To understand the differences between instrumental and electroacoustic sound in terms of spectrum and diffusion characteristics as well as audio-visual perception, and to learn strategies for balancing the demands of different physical sound producing mechanisms,
5. To learn notational practices common to mixed composition,

Course Description

A survey of techniques and approaches to composing mixed works for traditional musical instruments and computer generated sound, Necessary skills and conventions in programming related to score following and performance tracking, specialised graphical music notation conventions for mixed electroacoustic works, An overview of repertoire and approaches to mixed composition since 1960,

Course Coordinator
Emmamouıl Ekmektsoglou
Course Language
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