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ICM 360E - Social Transform.,Gender&Space

Course Objectives

Course aims;
1. To convey a brief interdisciplinary knowledge on social transformation, gender and space through post-structuralist paradigms,
2. To develop critical reading and decoding mechanisms for space and identity relations,
3. To comprehend, to map and to discuss the sub-systems of multi-layered spatialities in interiors related with social transformation, gender and space interaction,
To re-question and to discuss the relations of social transformation, gender and space in the processes of construction of daily life

Course Description

Feminist and queer approaches to space and spatiality; understandings gender, identitiy, deterritorialization and other similar modes of social difference; social layers, processes of deterritorialization, immigration, social segregation of the city; third-wave and post-structuralist engagements with gender; contemporary paradigms on gender, and gender’s intense and complex relationships to sexuality, race, class and other trajectories of subject formation/subjectification and social ordering.

Course Coordinator
Emine Görgül
Course Language
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