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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Sosyal Değişim, Cinsiyet ve Mekan
English Social Transform.,Gender&Space
Course Code
ICM 360E Credit Lecture
Semester 6
3 3 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Emine Görgül
Course Objectives Course aims;
1. To convey a brief interdisciplinary knowledge on social transformation, gender and space through post-structuralist paradigms,
2. To develop critical reading and decoding mechanisms for space and identity relations,
3. To comprehend, to map and to discuss the sub-systems of multi-layered spatialities in interiors related with social transformation, gender and space interaction,
To re-question and to discuss the relations of social transformation, gender and space in the processes of construction of daily life
Course Description Feminist and queer approaches to space and spatiality; understandings gender, identitiy, deterritorialization and other similar modes of social difference; social layers, processes of deterritorialization, immigration, social segregation of the city; third-wave and post-structuralist engagements with gender; contemporary paradigms on gender, and gender’s intense and complex relationships to sexuality, race, class and other trajectories of subject formation/subjectification and social ordering.
Course Outcomes Students who successfully pass this course gain the following knowledge, skills and competencies;
I. Knowledge about the post-structuralist gender and space paradigms,
II. Improving skills and abilities on understanding space and identity relations,
III. Improving skills and knowledge on examining and discussing the sub-systems related with diverse normative layers of spatial configurations,
IV. Improving skills and abilities on pursuing and production of contemporary gender and space discussions.
Pre-requisite(s) NA
Required Facilities
Textbook Rendell, Jane. (1999). Gender Space Architecture: An Interdisciplinary Introduction, Routledge, New York.
Other References Butler, Judith. (2006). Gender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity, Routledge, New York.
Freeman, Elizabeth. (2010). Time Binds: Queer Temporalities, Queer Histories. Duke University Press, Durham, NC.
Gibson-Graham, JK. 2006. A Postcapitalist Politics, University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis, MN.
Lefebvre H. (1992). Production of Space, Wiley, Blackwell Publishers.
Madanipour, A. et al. (2013). Public Space and the Challenges of Urban Transformation in Europe, Routledge, New York.
Soja, Edward W. (1996). Third Space: Journeys to Los Angeles and Other Real-And-Imagined Places, Blackwell Publishers.
Sutton, S. (2011). The Paradox of Urban Space: Inequality and Transformation in Marginalized Communities, Palgrave Macmillan Publishers.
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