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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 Week Class
1 Introduction; brief about the course
2 Conceptions of People, Spaces and Places: Place and Identity; Human Perception and Environmental Experience
3 Subject, Subjectification and Emergence of the Modern Individual
Deleuzeian notions of subject and subjectification,
4 Social Layers, Emergence of Public Sphere
Middle-Age, Pre-Modern, Enlightenment, 20th Century
5 Social Layers, Processes of Deterritorialization
Subject, Subjectification and Power
Social Segregation of the City, Genderization of Spaces
Deleuzeian notions of subject and subjectification
Hetero-normative space, gaze regimes and perception, feminist genre, queer space
6 Mid-Term Presentations
7 Mid-Term Presentations
9 Social Transformation and Construction of Everyday life
10 Feminist Movements 1st Wave
11 Feminist Movements 2nd Wave Colonialism and Space
12 Feminist Movements 3rd Wave Queer and Space
13 Feminist Movements and 4th Wave +
Social Construction of Spaces and Gender, Psychoanalysis of the contemporary urban realm
Dialectics of inside and outside; urban space and gender
14 Final Presentations and Submissions
15 Final Presentations and Submissions
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