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CEV 329 - Solid Waste Management

Course Objectives

1. To provide the basic knowledge and concepts of solid wastes quantity and classifications,
2. Learning the principles of integrated municipal solid waste management, to provide recycling, recovery, treatment and disposal technologies and conceptual design ability of them,
3. To give an ability to plan and conceptual design of old landfill sites rehabilitation,
4. Providing effectively the concepts that are present in solid waste management by laboratory works

Course Description

Terminology of solid waste. Integrated solid waste management concept. Characteristics and classification of solid waste. Collection and transport of solid waste. Recovery and recycling of solid wastes. Biological treatment systems (composting, biomethanization). Landfilling. Thermal conversion technologies. Rehabilitation of old landfills. Determination of basic parameters used in solid waste characterization. Application and operation of pilot scale biological solid waste treatment system.

Course Coordinator
İbrahim Demir
Course Language
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