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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Object-Oriented Modeling and Design
English Object-Oriented Modeling and Design
Course Code
BLG 468E Credit Lecture
Semester 8
2 2 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Feza Buzluca
Course Objectives 1. Teaching the importance of following a process that is driven by the requirements of the stakeholders of the system.
2. Teaching design patterns and their underlying object-oriented concepts.
3. Teaching how to design flexible and reusable software components.
4. Teaching how to use design patterns to provide solutions to real world software design problems.
3. Students will learn to design flexible and reusable software components.
4. Students will be able to implement design patterns to provide solutions to real world software design problems.
Course Description Principles and patterns of object oriented design that are used to create flexible and reusable software modules. This course also covers some basic topics of object-oriented software development such as unified process (UP), use cases, and domain modeling. Analysis and design models will be presented using the UML.
Course Outcomes 1. Knowing the problems in the software industry and being aware of the need for a high-quality design
2. Ability to perform requirement analysis and write use-cases
3. Ability to analyze the problem domain and create the domain model
4. Knowing important object oriented design principles such as “expert”, “low coupling”, “high cohesion”, “indirection”, and “polymorphism”
5. Knowing the reasoning for object-oriented design principles and patterns such as flexibility, reusability, and understandability
6. Knowing important GoF design patterns.
7. Ability to use design patterns to solve real world software design problems
Pre-requisite(s) BLG 252E Object-Oriented Programming
Required Facilities
Other Grading:
Midterm: 40%
Homeworks: 20%
Final : 40%
Requirements of taking the final exam:
1. Min. 70% course attendance
2. Weighted average of midterms and assignments must be at least 35/100.
Students, who will not fulfill both of these requirements, cannot take the final exam and their grade will be VF.
Textbook Craig Larman, Applying UML and Patterns , An Introduction to OOA/D and Iterative Development, 3/e, Prentice Hall PTR, 2005.
Other References Eric & Elisabeth Freeman: Head First Design Patterns, 2nd ed., O’REILLY, 2020.

Gamma E., Helm R., Johnson R., Vlissides J., Design Patterns : Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software, Reading MA, Addison-Wesley, 1995.
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