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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 Introduction, The Unified Process
2 Use cases, The Domain model, Operation Contracts
3 Introduction to design. GRASP 1: Controller, Creator, Information expert
4 GRASP 1 (cont'd): Low coupling, High cohesion. Design examples
5 Design examples (cont'd), Visibility, Coding
6 GRASP 2: Polymorphism, Indirection
7 GRASP 2 (cont'd): Pure Fabrication, Protected Variations
8 Midterm (It will be arranged according to current academic calendar. It may change due to holidays.)
Follow the announcements.
9 GoF Design Patterns
The Adapter Pattern, Abstract factory, Singleton
10 GoF Design Patterns (cont'd)
11 GoF Design Patterns (cont'd)
The Composite Pattern
12 GoF Design Patterns (cont'd)
Facade, Observer
13 GoF Design Patterns (cont'd)
Decorator, Template Method
14 GoF Design Patterns (cont'd)
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